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Pennine Labelling Solutions was established to help customers nationwide find a solution to their labelling problems. With over twenty years in the labelling industry, Pennine Labelling recognised the need for specialist guidance.

With wide experience in supplying customers throughout industry to meet a variety of applications, Pennine stock a wide range of labels, suitable for any application, and work closely with the major label manufacturers to guarantee the best solution for individual customers needs.

Pennine Labelling Solutions are specialists in supplying labels and labelling systems into the chemical industry where labels have to be durable and conform to BS 5609 salt-water immersion tests.

They can also supply software and printers from simple desktop printers to complex, networked multi-lingual industrial systems.

Products include:

•  On roll labels
•  Fanfold labels
•  Sheet labels
•  BS 5609 chemical industry labels
•  Industrial and Desktop Labelling Systems
•  Ribbons