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On roll labels

Available in both plain and pre-printed up to 8 colours with the latest UV ink technology, on a wide range of different materials from standard paper to synthetic substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene. All labels can be configured for use with the latest high-speed applicators and thermal transfer printers.

Fanfold labels

From sprocket fed computer labels for dot matrix over printing to bespoke multi colour labels for use with thermal transfer over printers, the Pennine range of fanfold labels are available on a full range of specialist materials.

Sheet labels

Full range of stock sizes for use with laser, copier, and ink jet printers. Pennine also offer bespoke pre-printer sheet labels.

Chemical industry specific labels

Pennine specialise in supplying labels and labelling systems into the chemical industry where labels have to be durable and conform to BS 5609 salt-water immersion tests. They also stock standard chemical labels, pre-printed in the chip format and available in 2, 4 or 8 labels per sheet on both paper and specialist materials conforming to BS 5609. In addition, Pennine can supply software and printer from simple desktop printers to complex, networked multi-lingual industrial systems.

Industrial and Desktop Labelling Systems

Pennine supply industrial and desktop thermal printers from all major manufactures such as TEC, Zebra, Sato, and Datamax. When used in conjunction with the latest powerful labelling software packages, the end result is a  versatile in-house labelling system which can be used to meet all your needs from producing simple despatch labels to complex barcode labels that can track stock movements in and out of your factory and warehouse


A full range of ribbons for all thermal transfer printers wax, wax resin, and resin. Ribbons can be slit to size for non-standard label sizes in order to save money.

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